4 Years at CMI Foods!

Four years ago, Rick Garcia and Tom Fitzpatrick started CMI Foods in the belief that there is a better way to service national chain restaurants.

Four years later, we have successfully developed and commercialized over 30 products for 14 national chains, and we are going strong.

Our customers range from a chain with fifty units, to a top-10 chain with thousands of units. We have shipped a variety of products in all proteins, using a great diversity of production capabilities.

Our customers have taken us places we hadn't known we would go, including broadening from a protein base into a variety of appetizers, all because they took us at our word that we would help them wherever they needed help.

Thank you, customers, for letting us prove we can help. And thank you to all of our friends and supporters in the industry for our first four years. We look forward to proving ourselves by solving the problems you want solved, every day for the next four years, and beyond!